About Us

About Us



WeBanjare is firm inspired by cultures of Banjara community. We are a group of friends from different professional backgrounds like travelling industry, advertising industry and film industry. We all aspired to do something unique and exciting in our life.

We wanted to do something that would be different, fun-filled and not stuck in routine. After a lot of discussion and brainstorming, we decided to do something that we all love and that thing was travelling. This was the basic foundation of WeBanjare.

Travelling and vacation is that one thing we all need as a break from work, but we don’t get to enjoy it due to our daily life struggles. So, our friends decided to make our vacation as our profession.

Born from the idea of like-minded friends, WeBanjare began to take a shape. We all thought that plain tours and trips might get boring after a time. So, we decided to include some adventurous activities with it. Some adventurous activities like challenging treks, dangerous bike rides, etc., give high level adrenaline rush that many people love. As our discussions went on, we came up with an idea of making camping enjoyable. Thus, we decided to have a theme based camping too.

We wanted to treasure these live-experiences and show it to the world. We decided to film these tours and release it on our YouTube Channel called WeBanjare. These films can become an inspiration to many people who are stuck in the routine of a job, a home and a weekend leave.

We started making our team of experts who could guide us for our tours and trips.  Now we have a specialized team of experienced trekkers, riders and guides make our tours safe and enjoyable.

WeBanjare is an energetic team that travels to live!