Beauty In Diversity

A trip to Gangtok, Kalimpong and Darjeeling was a journey worth a thousand miles. WeBanjare and a team of 7 individuals travelled from Mumbai to the North East.10 days of adventure and learning, our trip began by visiting Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok is located in the heart of Sikkim. India owns a plethora of diversity and Sikkim is one such diverse element that stands out. We had a two day long train journey filled with fun, frolic, games and laughter. We moved to Hotel Tara Palace for our 2 day stay in Gangtok. The first place we visited in Gangtok was MG (Mahatma Gandhi) road. It is a long stretch of road, reserved for pedestrians only.

MG Marg

The road is lined up with glittering shops, restaurants as well as bars on both sides. The entire area is free of litter, smoke and vehicle. Smoking is not allowed either although we could not find any signs saying so. It seems all locals know it and will immediately warn you, if you try smoking here. The Ropeway ride was another thrilling experience in Gangtok. The locals in Gangtok were amiable and made our team feel like we were home. The best part in Gangtok was the little food stalls around where the locals welcomed us whole heartedly and served us some of the traditional dishes such as Momos, Thukpa and Wai Wai. On our last day at Gangtok we relished the authentic Nepali Thali ‘Thakali’ from the famous restaurant Thakali on MG Marg.


After our two day stay at Gangtok, we travelled to Kalimpong a hill station located in the state of West Bengal. We were in Kalimpong for a day and stayed back at Hotel Park View. Here we visited Deolo which is the highest point in Kalimpong. It is located at an altitude of 1,704m. The beauty here is soothing and will touch your heart. Another place to learn from is the cactus nursery in Kalimpong. This place owns a beautiful collection of cacti.


                                                                                                Asian Bear                                       Red Panda

Darjeeling was our final destination in the entire trip. We visited The Himalayans Zoological Park in Darjeeling. This Zoo owns a diverse range of animals who are taken care of and have enough space to move about. The Asian Black Bear, Himalayan Wolf and the Red Panda were some of the distinctive animals there.

This trip was short- lived and was a bundle of joy that will live with us forever.

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